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Success Stories

Challenge Solution
A Seattle manufacturing company needed a content management system (CMS) to manage their website. Once the client and project manager realized how flexible the appGenerator is, plans are now being made to use the system as an intranet to manage internal projects, and also as an extranet, to interface with customers.
A web development firm needed a system to help them create database-driven web applications more rapidly and with predictable costs. The appGenerator enabled them to deliver customized web applications to their customers - on budget, and on time, with only a minimal amount of manual programming required.
A private investigator firm needed a web based extranet system to manage projects and communicate in a secure manner with clients. Using the appGenerator, we are developing a set of custom web-based applications to meet the special circumstances of this highly secure, confidential environment.
An event production firm in Seattle needed a web-based registration system for their conference. Once the client realized how powerful the appGenerator was, the client requested additional systems, including follow-up web surveys, and eventually an intranet system to manage projects, customers, tasks, e-commerce, employees, and almost every facet of the business.
A survey/analytical consulting firm in the Midwest needed to speed-up the development of web-based surveys for their Fortune 10 client. The appGenerator was able to reduce the development time from approximately 80 hours per survey (including reports) down to roughly 1-5 hours (depending on the circumstances).
A financing/mortgage firm on the East Coast needed to have a simple 'contact us' form to capture sales leads (requests for more information). The appGenerator quickly created a database-driven, web application to collect and manage the information, and also provided a unique statistical analysis tool which reveals trends and information not known using other methods.
A real estate development firm in the Northwest needed a web-based registration system to collect information from potential homebuyers. The firm is now using an evaluation version of appGenerator to produce follow-up surveys, internal task management systems, and other applications to manage the marketing of a major new housing development.
A non-profit organization trying to find a cure for a disease needed a way to poll the victims and phyisicians who deal with the disease in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The client was able to develop their own customized web-based forms and database systems to collect and analyze the data.

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