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Pricing Options

The total cost of your web-application will depend on how many fields you need.

1) How many fields (or questions) will your system(s) have?

Not sure? Here are a few examples to help you decide.

If you are planning to create a 15-question survey, that would be 15 fields. There might also be a few 'administrative' fields that would not appear on the survey, but would appear to the survey administrator. For instance, maybe you want to include an 'admin' field noting which survey results have been 'processed' and dealt with. This might involve adding a few other fields, like "processed? yes/no" and "processed on ____ (date)". So this survey system might have 17 fields total.

Web applications (or web-apps) may also have non-functional (html) sections/areas. These are also considered to be fields. For instance, if your survey has a preface statement describing the survey, then that section of text/html would be a field. These "blank" areas may also be used for spacing/design purposes.

Another example might be a "Contact us" form/system for your customers to reach you via your website. To figure out how many "fields" this system would need, just think of all the questions that you will ask the customer. See the first example below, and then compare it with the others.

System: Purpose/Description: Fields: Total # of Fields
Contact Us Form To give your customers a way to reach you via your website 1) First Name
2) Last Name
3) Email address
4) Telephone #
5) Preferred Contact (Email or Phone)
6) Best Time to Reach You? (__ am/pm)
7) Comments/Question
7 fields
Survey Find out what your customers are thinking 1) How do you like our product?
2) When did your first buy it?
3) Where did you buy it from?
4) Would you buy it again?
5) Would you recommend it to a friend?
6) The following questions are optional:
7) First Name
8) Last Name
9) Email address
10) Other Comments
10 fields
Directory Publish a list of your inventory 1) Product Name
2) Manufacturer
3) Weight
4) Price
5) Description
6) Picture/Image
6 fields

* Prices are subject to change.
If you need help determining how many fields your system(s) will have, just describe it in plain English and send it to us via email and we'll help.

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