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Most of our work involves making information systems more efficient, however we do occasionally design websites also. Here are a few design projects that are available for public viewing:

With over 10 years of photos and testimonials, Camp Agape is the perfect candidate for a content management system. We created a custom fit solution in just a few hours using the appGenerator, and now former volunteers, families and campers can post their photos and stories online, and will automatically appear once approved by an editor.

Jay is a missionary in Malawi, Africa, and he uses his website to communicate with his supporters. The site is scheduled to be redesigned in 2006 to incorporate new appGenerator features that will enable Jay to update his content more often and provide his readers with substantially more up-to-date information.

This website was designed to share the beauty of the town of Darrington, Washington (location of Cascade Data Systems) with others. The site has a database-powered event calendar, business directory, announcement page, and trail-guide; all created by the appGenerator.

The design of this site was guided by the client, who wanted the website to look like the PDF brochure that their print designer had already created. This site makes extensive use of the appGenerator as a content management system and event registration system. is the marketing site for the appGenerator software system.
appGenerator (software interface)

The appGenerator's interface is designed to maximize screen real estate, making it easy to manage data and applications.

With the help of the appGenerator and Big River Systems, this site was built in a matter of hours to receive and manage a flood of volunteers and donations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

This site is being redesigned to use the appGenerator to help manage, publish and collect information more effectively.

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