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Features of appGenerator

A web application created by CascadeDataSystems includes everything you need - ready in minutes. We have a very robust set of features, but are always open to new ideas. Some of our most valuable features have come from client suggestions. If you have any feature requests, send them our way and we'll consider adding them to our to-do list.

Feature Overview:
- rapid development of organized information systems
- web based interface, allowing access from anywhere
- export your data to Excel, XML and SQL
- input validation (what you ask for is what you get)
- integrated statistical analysis tools with bar charts
- embedded email system with form-letter capabilities
- lookup feature allows inter-related web apps
- integrated filtering system, allowing quick finds
- interfaces for viewing, adding, deleting & modifying data
- thousands of system tests, verifying system stability
- consistent application development; every system built using the same process
- easy modifications (via the “clone” process) and upgrades
- developed using PHP and MySQL; widely used technologies

Detailed Feature Listing:

  • proven, tested PHP/JavaScript/HTML/SQL code (our code has been tested more than 2,100 times)
  • MySQL database tables automatically generated; this is often one of the most difficult parts of developing a web-application, and it will automatically be done for you
  • input validation (e.g., if you require an email address, it makes sure one is entered, and that it has valid syntax or format; you can limit someone to typing in only X characters for open ended questions, and much more)
  • view, modify, delete, add/insert modules (all of the code necessary to interact with the database is generated)
  • field types include: text, textarea, select, checkbox, radio, upload**, credit card, email, timestamp (insert &/or update)
  • statistics (instant feedback and analysis of your data)
  • an email system (the ability to send form letters via email)
  • fully customizable code (download* only)
  • filtering of data (e.g. "Show me the people from 'Texas' who said 'Yes' to question #4")
  • sorting (e.g., order the data by First Name)
  • automatic database history log - to record all transactions
  • application interactivity - different web apps can pull data from other applications
  • seamless (transparent) integration with your existing website (you don't have to reveal that your web application is being hosted elsewhere)
  • fully customizable/editable header and footer html files - making the application look just like your existing website
  • SSL (secure socket layer) encryption
  • automated time-stamps on new and modified records
  • export your data to XLS (Excel) or XML files

The To-Do List:
  • enhancement of the email system (ie, a 'sent email' log sub-system)
  • multiple-user login/permissions system (currently the system can only accomodate one user per account)
  • disk usage reporting and statistics
  • spell checker
  • multi-page forms (page 1, page 2, etc...)
  • file-upload capability
  • editor approval prior to making new record visible (for 'open' systems)
  • easy-to-use rollback system (to restore data to a previous point in time)
  • automated backup and recovery of databases
  • development in user-defined language and database format; the generator currently creates PHP and MySql code, but eventually the author will be able to choose from a variety of popular languages and databases to build the app in)

* - downloading the code requires an additional fee.
** - the upload feature is not completely functional yet.

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