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Example Uses

Examples of Web Applications
  • Web-based Surveys
  • Event/Class Registration Systems
  • Calendar of Events
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems (publishing)
  • Task/Project Management Systems
  • Work-order systems
  • Requisition (purchasing) systems
  • Information Directories (phone lists, etc...)
  • Job application forms
  • Sending form emails to a list of customers

The table below shows you how some of these examples compare with each other:
Application Type Primary Purpose Input Data View Data
Survey To receive Information Public Private
Registration System To receive Information Public Private
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) To manage data; stay in touch with your customers, send emails, etc... Private Private
CMS (Content Management System) To publish/manage website content Private Public
Inventory Publisher To publish/manage inventory Private Public

These examples are here to show you that by simply turning a switch for the two modes of operation (view/add), you can have a vastly different web application. Once you see how useful this system is, you'll start thinking of ways to create other applications that we never imagined.

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