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How does our system compare with hiring a programmer?
In addition to the more than 1,000 hours of research, development and testing that have been put into this system, we can deliver a fixed price, and build your application in a matter of minutes.

However, we realize that this system cannot possibly meet everyone's needs completely, and therefore, the code that is generated by the system can be downloaded and modified (tweaked) by a programmer very easily. The apps created by the generator typically meet 99% of the needs of most users, but if you need additional functionality, a PHP programmer can make any necessary modifications. Our PHP customization services cost $60 per hour (US).
  our system programmer
bug-free code guaranteed* doubtful
code tested thousands of times yes doubtful
more than 1,000 hours of development
time spent perfecting the process
yes doubtful
comprehensive security yes doubtful
consistent code yes doubtful
build/development-time minutes 15-60 hours
fixed price? yes doubtful - usually an estimate
detailed, comprehensive feature set yes doubtful
customizable code? yes yes

Compare the alternative methods of data capture/management
Imagine that your organization needs to collect, publish, manage and/or analyze vast amounts of information from an array of physical locations (think of surveys, registration systems, project management systems, etc...). You have several options, including telephone, fax, postal mail, email, in-person and web transactions. Let's compare the different methods:
Media # Simultaneous transactions Human required to process information? Real-time Statistics
Fax1 yesno
Postal Mail1 yesno
Email1 yesno
In-person1 yesno
Webthousands noyes

*Error Free- Our web-applications have been tested more than 2,100 times, ensuring that most of the problems have been encountered and corrected. While we can't guarantee that our systems will be perfect, we can promise to fix any system-generated bug or error for free.

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