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What is an App Generator?

Our appGenerator software makes it easy to build relational database applications, forms and reports on the web. appGenerator v4 includes a built-in user-management/permissions system, webmail, and a content management system. We also offer 256-bit AES encryption (data at rest), authorize.net e-commerce integration, automated recurring billing systems and more. appGenerator creates code that can be modified if necessary, giving you total control over your apps. One of the most powerful features is the ability to sub-divide your system, creating subdomains for each of your clients, or divisions within your organization.

Another reason why the appGenerator is so powerful and cost effective is that most of the testing has already been done up-front. Because we have automated the development process, any errors will be obvious and widespread (as would drawing a line with an defective ruler). We are constantly testing and improving the appGenerator, so that when it creates a web application, you can be sure that it will work, or we will fix it for free (provided that the code has not been altered by the client).

A ten-minute video tutorial and your imagination are the only things that stand between you and software created exactly the way you want it.

Most apps can be created approximately 35 times faster than a typical programmer (approximately 2 minutes per A field is the smallest container within a database.

If you think of a silverware tray in your kitchen drawer, each slot in the tray (for spoons, forks, knives) would be a field.
The tray would be the table (a collection of fields), and the drawer would be the database (a collection of tables).

Fields are the basis of the appgenerator pricing system, and the number of fields in your app closely relates to the number of questions in your data input form. The appGenerator creates PHP/MySQL/JavaScript code designed for Linux/Unix/BSD operating systems (using Apache).

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